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1,000+ followers!

I honestly thought that I would never see this day come. I used to be part of a forum where I’d post my gifs but so many people always gave me crap because they thought my gifs were dumb so I left. I was a bit broken-hearted because making gifs has been one of my favorite hobbies for many years and I didn’t really know who I could share them with anymore. Then I stumbled across tumblr one day and saw a handful of gifs and thought that this site had a nice format for posting gifs so I started making more gifs and then I slowly started to get more and more followers. 

I will say that as cool as it is to have so many of you following me the best part is reading all of the comments from people on stuff I’ve posted. Whether it’s something inspirational, funny, sad or just one of your favorite movie or tv scenes I always love reading comments and seeing how a particular post affected someone. 

So, thanks for taking the time to read this, thanks for following and I have tons of great stuff coming for the rest of the year that I hope you will enjoy.

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